Stephen Slappe

For his second exhibition at Tilt, Portland artist Stephen Slappe presents a new project, Character.  Working in collaboration with twenty West Coast artists and filmmakers, Slappe has created a visual
archive of characters from popular culture, past and present.  Beginning first with a conversation navigating each participant's respective pop culture histories, Slappe and each of his collaborators then decided on a character to recreate.  Working on a single sheet of drawing paper, the process is left bare, the mistakes and successes of the memory become incorporated into the final piece.  Along with the exhibition, a limited edition book documenting the project will be available. This project was made possible with the generous support of the Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Edie Tsong, Craig Baldwin, Geoffrey Ellis, Dan Gilsdorf, Yoshihiro Kitai, Matt McCormick, Ryan Alexander-Tanner, Bean Gilsdorf, Midori Hirose, Adam Sorensen, Jaclyn Campanaro, Jo Jackson, Julia Stoops, Daniel Duford, Emily Ginsburg, David Eckard, Peter Burr, Edward C.H. King, Mack McFarland, Samantha Wall