Blank – Exploring Nothing

Curated by Avantika Bawa
The works in this exhibition accept then address and confront the scope of emptiness, nothingness and voids. They do so with a sense of intimacy, poetic beauty, total fear, or an obnoxious confrontation. The artists draw on the idea of horror vacui (the fear of empty space) by coming to terms with the empty space itself.   How does this emptiness, this silence, create a fuller, more meaningful form of expression? This exhibition celebrates the launch of Horror Vacui- Issue 08 of Drain- Journal of Contemporary Art and Culture. (www.drainmag.com)

Artists in the exhibition include: Traci Talasco, Brett Osborn, Fred Jesser, Victoria Fu, Jonathan Field, Craig Drennen, Lauren Clay and Avantika Bawa.

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Lauren Clay
Little Compound Abiders (1&2) 2007,
21.5"x14" and 22"x15.5", Gouache on paper