Peter HappelChristian

"Brief Notes on Existence" by Peter HappelChristian (Ohio).  With a practice that engages the disciplines of performance, photography, and bookbinding, HappelChristian traces and records the human presence. In this latest installment of an ongoing project, the artist systematically collects dust from a variety of spaces, both public and private.  This dust then forms the conceptual and formal content of the work. Poignant and elegant, the work of HappelChristian utilizes imagery of geographic maps and the mechanics of map-making as a way to gather, organize, and present this human residue.
november window project:
Lina Persson (Sweden)
Manifested in a single channel video, "My Perceiving" is an attempt to examine oneself from the outside in.
The work is inspired by Foucault’s theory on the Panopitcon, only in this case it is reversed.
The surveilled is placed in the center but her eyes remains in the periphery.